What's your dream job?
Owning my own legitimate business
Being a cop
Growing weed
I'll do anything it takes to get by.

What do you do when things don't go your way?
Throw stuff
Smoke a joint and think things over
Concoct an elaborate plan to get what I want.

Do you prefer liquor or weed?
I can't decide, I love 'em both!
Neither: I'm totally sober.

It's Saturday night. Where are you?'
Who Knows? I could be anywhere!
Drunk as fuck!
At work, probably
At home, working towards my goals

What do you drive?
An old beater with no registration or assurance
A go cart
The car I was issued for work
A cherry muscle car I just stole

Someone insulted you. What do you do?
Fight them!
Insult them back!
Turn the other cheek
Plot revenge